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Name:Olympian-strength lurking, that's me all over
Birthdate:Jan 14
Location:Gibsons, Canada
I read fanfiction. Lots of it. Shameful, I know.
I don't, however, have to wash my hands incessantly, as I'm far too lazy to actually do any writing myself.
I prefer to lurk gleefully about wherever I can find authors of smutty, snarky, gay 'til the cows come home and have a big beefy orgy of preposterously lewd, often anatomically improbable fanfiction.
I'm a geek for tarty cartoon/fictional/semi-fictional, and sometimes even RPF boys.

P.S. If you're my kid, you are SO not allowed to read any of this.
At least not anywhere I could catch you at it. My life is quite embarrassing enough, young lady.
Now go do some homework or something, dammit.

P.P.S. I never update, honest and for true, but I read all y'all's stuff all the dang time. I was that weird nerdy geek that never talked in the back of the classroom, but was always giggle-snorting into her notebooks with mortified delight at the class clown's jokes.
Only much, much older now.

Yeah, like that's not creepy :/.

Interests (138):

30 rock, annoying my spawn, antique bakery, antique bakery... of awesome!, arseing about, ashkhjjgff!! john simm! adfhfjhkyesplzthx!!!, assbabies are medically alarming, avoiding housework, because i said so, big hats in theatres, bleach, bones, borderline bestial lupin, canon werewolf fucking, captains named jack, carnivale, cheese if it's legal, cockalicious cocktalkin', conflict resolution through nekkidness, cool kids take naps, count d's pastry fetish, crackfics, crushing on fictional characters, david tennant's oral fixation, dean handcuffed to things, dean winchester's purty eyelashes, dean/everybody, death note, dexter, dismayingly ill-punctuated interests, doctor who, doujinshi for brunch, dr. constance brennan's brainmeats, draco malfoy's bum, driver picks the music, everybody x everybody, evil alter!personalities, evil!sammy, fanfiction, fantasy ain't reality y'all, fantasy isn't advocacy either, fic-cest, flight of the conchords, freedom of speech, friday night lights, fullmetal alchemist, gay incestuous crossdressing bestiality, general geekery, get me some pie, get offa my lawn, giggling at pairing wars, good omens, harry potter, harry potter's sekrit darkside, hellsing, heroes, hitchhiker's guide t'the galaxy, hitchhiker's guide to pan-galactic-buggery, i am your mom, i never update, insufferable tossers, it is just blowjobbery, jared padalecki porn, l is for lickable, lethal dental floss, leverage, life on mars uk, life on sexy!coma mars, lj! stop being dumb!, lurking the stalky lurk, manga for dinner, merlin, messily resolved sexual tension, morally bankrupt anime, morning violates my soul, mullet rock, needs more kenneth, no thanks! i'm reading, one piece, orgy-riffic one piece, ouran highschool host club, ouran highschool hosts-of-my-heart, petshop of horrors, pirates of the caribbean, ponies and gay jewelry, porn hilarity, pornstaches! for great justice!, poverty is grumpy-making, power-imbalances-in-erotic-fiction, questionably motivated marauders, quietly rabid fangirling, reading all night, rival!sex, roy mustang's yard-fillin' milkshake, running in circles, saiyuki, sam in a towel, sam/everybody, samurai champloo, saucy pirates, save souls with wincest!, secret-agent-man snape, sheldon sheldon sheldon, shirty shirtlifters, shotgun shuts his cakehole, shotguns'n rocksalt, sirius sillytwunt black, slam dunk, slashy mcslash, slytherin hijinks, smirking the smirky smirk, snipping mattress tags, special hell, sublimation beats scrubbing toilets, sunday pockets of ice-cream, supernatural, that other awesome character, the big bang theory, the gay, the internet's for porn, the neverending impala roadtrip, the office, the tardis pimpmobile, the venture brothers, theoretical depravity, time-traveling pansexuals, trigun, tsubasa resevoir chronicle, unresolved sexual twitchiness, why you wanna know, wtf interests wtf, xxxholic, yami no matsuei, yaoi for dessert, yaoiland switch-hitters, yes please to tea, you are so grounded, youkai world reclamation
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